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Lkn Massage Client Reviews

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Very knowledgeable

Bob is very knowledgeable, leveraging relationships between seemingly unrelated muscles to significantly improve long term back pain. I highly recommend him for medical massage.

- Alex B

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An answer to my prayers

"Bob Weir is and was an answer to my prayers. I am 57, have osteoporosis, and was having hip problems, I'd been to a number of doctors; Orthopedic, Neurosurgeon, and my GP. Bob was the first person to physically touch my hip to see where it was hurting. After his first Medical Massage I felt relief for the first time in a long time. It wasn't healed, but it felt good and I knew I was at the right place to get the help I needed. He has a wealth of experience/knowledge about the human body, muscles and bones, nutrition, and is very informed about new/cutting edge health/massage techniques. He informed me about Kenisiology and kenisio taping. He taped up my hip and back areas, that too was amazingly helpful. I was desperately trying to get my hip better so I could hike a 14er mountain (one thing on my bucket list) in Colorado with my son. Bob helped me accomplish this feat. He takes time to listen to his patients - not many doctors do this anymore. I recommend/refer LKN Massage to everyone I know. Thank you Bob for taking the time to listen, for your expert massages, and for sharing your knowledge. I accomplished my goal of hiking a 14,439' elevation mountain and I owe that to Bob. See you again real soon!"

- Joanna B

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I enthusiastically recommend him

My first visit with Bob Weir at Lkn Massage was July 2002. I have had back pain for over thirty years. I injured my shoulder 7 years ago. I have tried Chiropractic and physical therapy for both. I had back surgery 14 years ago. Bob has given me the greatest relief from pain and stress of any treatment I have tried. I'm also a diabetic and my muscles were in a chronic state of tension. Bob has released several locked muscles and I continue to improve with each visit.

Bob's a very conscientious therapist. His diligence in addressing the issues and dealing with them are second to none. I did not realize how muscles could become "locked" and create pain. I had a lot of fascia adhesions.

I had to quit playing golf 7 years ago due to my back and shoulder pain. Since working with Bob, I now enjoy playing 2-3 times a month again. Bob provides the best therapy for relief of chronic pain that I have experienced and I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone suffering from unexplained pain.


- Greg Philips 
Software company executive

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I am sold on neuromuscular therapy

"I am an otherwise healthy adult professional male who owns his own business and has put too many hours a day into his endeavors. I was, prior to my company startup, physically active, running 20 miles per week and playing racket ball at least 3 hours per week. But on startup of my company all my time was then spent at work. Slowly, my lower back became a problem, then added weight and then a wishbone on ice in 1997 damaged my right leg. From there, there seemed to be no return. Frequent visits to the chiropractor were made to remedy my back issues. Aching shoulders from too much computer work. Aching right elbow (I thought arthritis had set into a previously broken elbow) and I thought I had a bone spur on my left shoulder.


I was living on four Ibuprofen every 4 hours just to get through the day!

That changed with the introduction to Bob Weir by my chiropractor. By adding massage therapy to my life, it took less than 5 months (with faithful daily stretching) and I was completely pain free! There were no bone spurs, only calcium buildup, easily broken up and flushed. The constant ache I experienced was only muscles in need of Deep Tissue Massage and constant stretching and flushing.

I have continued my neuromuscular therapy sessions for 3 ½ years now and it has reversed the effects of aging, increased flexibility, eliminated pain and reduced the effects of physical injury. Stress of running your own business is easily managed with weekly sessions.

I am sold on neuromuscular therapy for life and have recommended it to all my colleagues and friends".

Dick Zopf 

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Uniquely Capable

"As a practicing Emergency physician at Carolinas Medical Center for 15 years, I’ve seen a lot of stress, muscle pain and orthopedic problems. I know Bob Weir personally and professionally and know him to be uniquely capable of dealing with a wide range of these conditions as a licensed massage therapist.

Bob is a former member of our MedCenter Air flight team since 1993 and has 20 years of hospital experience. His command of human anatomy and prior working knowledge of sick and injured patients helps with his neuromuscular therapy work for pain relief and positions him well to interact with persons in need of his therapy. He is comfortable with soft-tissue related pain patterns and uses myofascial release techniques, trigger-point therapy and active muscle release techniques as a regular part of his practice. He teaches anatomy and physiology at Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy here in Charlotte and is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

I’ve also been a client of Bob’s and know that his ability as a therapist to reduce stress and sports related injuries doesn’t just look good on paper. I would have no hesitation seeking Bob out for massage therapy for myself or my patients".


- E. Parker Hays, Jr., MD 
Department of Emergency Medicine 
Carolinas Medical Center

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Recommend Him To Anyone

for the past 15 years Bob has tremendously helped the men's basketball team as well as all of the other teams in our department, (more than 250 athletes). His "Deep Tissue" Sports Massage for injury prevention, rehabilitation of surgical and non-surgical injuries and home game coverage, have definitely enhanced our athlete's performance. Without hesitation, I would recommend him to anyone."



- Carlton Anderson MEd., LAT, ATC 
Head Athletic Trainer 
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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